Geek Rants

Geek Rants


Would you like to contribute to Geeks Broadcast Network?

We are looking for submissions from people who want to record themselves raving about their favorite subject to geek out about.  Our goal is to create a well balanced community of independent broadcasters who share their excitement over pastimes, passions, hobbies and obsessions.

Did your show just end on a cliffhanger and you want to express your excitement?  Grab a camera and record yourself geeking out over it.

Did your team just win the big game?  Did you just meet your favorite celebrity?

Have you discovered a new band you’d like to share with everyone?
Are you ready to reveal your latest piece of art to the world?
Do you have a cause or concern to bring to the attention of others?

GBN would love to share the footage of you geeking out over just about anything.

We’ve only been at this a short time ourselves.  Check out our SoundCloud for a few examples of us geeking out over comics and TV shows.


If your first thought was that we suck and you could do much better, record yourself and submit it for GBN to share.  You can use the voice memo app on your phone and record audio or turn the camera on and get video as well.

Express how terrific the movie you saw tonight was while sitting in the front seat of your car, don’t let the excitement die down.  If you have someone to geek out with, that’s even better!  Film you and your friend together discussing what you thought of the movie.

Take that footage and send it to: with the subject ‘Geek Out’.

Then keep an eye out for it at: