Monsters Unleashed Vol. 3 #1 Plot Synopsis w/ Pics

Monsters Unleashed Vol. 3 #1 Plot Synopsis w/ Pics

Come back every week for the plot synopsis and some pictures from the #1 issues that DC and Marvel release each week.  For people who are unsure of new titles this is a great way to get a feel of the book before going back and picking up the first issue and adding it to your pull list.

Keep an eye out for Ben Reilly – Scarlet Spider #1 and Batman – Shadow #1 next week.

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Monsters Unleashed was an incredibly fun event series for Marvel to open the new year with.  The art was beautiful and the writing was fun and action packed.  It ends up that the entire world ending catastrophe that took the entire Marvel Universe to fend off was just a prologue to the new ongoing series starring Kid Kaiju (Kei Kewade) and his team of monsters.

The new first issue begins with a monster attack on Salt Lake City, Utah where Animax is leading a stampede of creatures towards a crowd of people.  Animax is seemingly the perfect enemy for Kid Kaiju as she also creates monsters out of thin air similarly to how Kei is able to draw a monster and bring it to life.

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Slizzik, Mekara, Aegis, Hi-Vo and Scragg swoop in to the attack and quickly prevent Animax from causing any more damage or harm.  After the battle comes to an end and Kei is back at home Gloria Clark from Damage Control is seen questioning how much it is going to cost to clean up after the hero and his monsters ‘saved the day’.

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Kid Kaiju claims that it was appropriate to stop Animax because it was a ‘monster based situation’ to which Clark responds that was the second excuse she figured he would come up with after ‘they started it’.  She then reminded Kei that he is in control of ‘five previously uncategorized creatures’ that are powerful enough to destroy an entire city.

Snooping in on the conversation being had inside Kewades home, his five monsters stand above the house and try to listen in.  If they could hear Clark talking they would know she was telling the Kewades that their job is to ‘address threats of the absolute highest magnitude’.  Kei’s parents finally pipe in to question why he has to be involved in any of this madness to begin with?

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This is where we learn that the Leviathon monsters from the previous series have not all been defeated.  Many of them scattered in to the wind when their Queen was defeated and are still somewhere on Earth.  Gloria Clark states that if it were up to her, Kei would not have to face these dangers, but that they need Kei’s monsters to help make sure the threat is entirely eliminated.

The story takes a turn as the focus moves to Else Bloodstone who is in Romania hunting Vampires.  However her battle is cut short as we quickly change focus back to the Kewades where H.E.R.B.I.E. is seen tutoring Kei Kewade in subjects such as Advanced Combat, Xenomorphology, Beginning Kree and others that sound like a ‘Super Hero Training Manual’.

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Later on Kei sits outside on a cliff with Mekara and Hi-Vo splashing around in the ocean.  The two monsters disagree over whether school is important and if Kei should be inside learning or if homework and math are over rated.  Scragg joins the rest of them and commands that they explain their activities to which Mekera says ‘relaxing/chillen/sitting back/unwinding’.

FullSizeRender 11

The unwinding session is interrupted early though as Elsa Bloodstone joins the group.  Their discussion ends up leading to the idea of drawing new monsters but Kei reveals that he is nervous to summon more monsters because they may not be happy with him having done so.  Moments later H.E.R.B.I.E. makes another appearance to announce that there is an emergency and the team must scramble.

In Corpus Christie Texas a GINORMOUS squid type creature is wrapping its tentacles around an entire oil freighter.  Elsa Bloodstone, Kid Kaiju and the team appear just in time to battle the mega creature before it brings the boat to the bottom of the sea with it.  Just as they speculate the battle might not take long, three additional monsters make their way out of the sea.

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Elsa wonders how these creatures have coordinated their efforts without their queen to lead them.  Her curiosity is quickly satiated though as the Mole Man makes his dramatic entrance announcing that ‘the divine will of the underearth will not be denied!’.  As Kid Kaiju and his monsters prepare for a much more difficult battle, Kei notices that Mole Man appears to be talking to someone else.

FullSizeRender 5

The final page reveals the sinister group of super villains orchestrating this monster uprising.  M.O.D.O.K. 2.0, The Mad Thinker, The Leader and Mister Sinister join forces to form ‘The Intelligencia’ whose primary goal is to learn everything that can about Kid Kaju and his capabilities.

FullSizeRender 10

To be continued…

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