X-Men Blue #1 Plot Synopsis w/ Pics

X-Men Blue #1 Plot Synopsis w/ Pics

X-Men ResurrXion has entered its second week and this past Wednesday we were graced with the premiere issues of X-Men Blue as well as Weapon X.  Keep an eye out for my entry for Weapon X later today, but for now I hope you enjoy my assessment and plot synopsis for X-Men Blue #1.

While X-Men Gold pulls together a team that feels like the classic 70’s team that was put together for Giant Size X-Men, X-Men Blue feels like the original X-Factor, in that it is a reunion of sorts for the O5 X-Men.  Obviously the time displaced teenage versions of the X-Men have been together for a while in All-New X-Men, however somehow X-Men Blue brings them out of the shadows and in to the forefront while reminding us what we all loved about Xavier’s first class of students to begin with.

X-Men Blue #1 opens with Iceman complaining that ’supersonic jets are SO SLOW!’ before depicting him with his headphones and smart phone in hand.  It is apparent that even though these X-Men come from a simpler time, they have quickly adapted to the fast paced life style of a modern teenager.

X-Men Blue #1 1.jpg

By the bottom of the first page we are reminded that Jean Grey has taken over as the leader of the team from Cyclops and that while they are in the field they should be referring to each other by their codenames.  So with that in mind, Iceman, Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Angel spot their target which ends up being a yacht out in the middle of the ocean.

X-Men Blue #1 2.jpg

The five of them de-board the Blackbird in mid air and make their way down to the luxury boat.  As they search the boat for an unrevealed suspect the team is obviously at ease as they discuss the fact that good old fashion barber shops don’t seem to exist in the modern day anymore and Marvel Girl drops the best line as she tells Cyclops ‘I for one would love to see you with an awesome hipster beard’.

X-Men Blue #1 3.jpg

Just a moment later they bust through a pair of doors to come face to face with one of their oldest enemies, Black Tom Cassidy.  The battle doesn’t take very long as Beast and Cyclops land the final blows that take Black Tom down.  However to their surprise an old friend of Toms smashes his way in to the room.  The unstoppable Juggernaut lunges at the young X-Men announcing with confidence ‘Who wants some?!’

X-Men Blue #1 6.jpg

Juggernaut quickly questions why they all look so young, saying they appear as they did when he had first met them all those years ago.   Iceman tries to freeze Juggernaut in place but he immediately breaks free and starts to throw accusations at Cyclops in regards to killing his step brother, Charles Xavier.

FullSizeRender 13.jpg

While Juggernaut is willing to let most of the young X-Men off with a beating he is abundantly clear that he wants to enact revenge for Xaviers killing on the younger version of Cyclops.  The original five show the level of their team work though as Cyclops runs towards the edge of the boat and Iceman lays some ices on the ground to cause Juggy to starts slipping.  Cyclops leaps off the side of the boat and Angel flies up behind to catch him while Juggernaut goes flying off the ledge and lands in the water below.

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

It takes only seconds though for the boat to start rumbling and for the unstoppable object to smash his way through the hull back on to the deck.  This is where things get interesting.  Beast has been studying the mystic arts in order to add magic to his already extensive scientific background.  Beast quickly conjures a spell that sends Juggernaut disappearing in to what appears to be the depths of hell.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Beasts actions cause a momentary argument between Cyclops and himself over the whether the method of sending an enemy to another dimension as going way to far, but within the spat we learn that Juggernaut is not stuck in hell, but somewhere in Siberia.  Whatever methods and material damage may have been inflicted, the X-Men can call this a successful mission as they direct the yacht back to land.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Later that night in Madripoor the team discusses amongst themselves if what they are doing is ‘the right thing’ or not.  They seem to be implying that there is some sort of underlying goals behind their missions.  As they go to report back to ‘the boss’ about the events of the day we hear their shrouded leader tell them ‘Excellent, that’s one…’.

The final revelation of the issue on the last page is that Mageneto is behind this mission and on the displays behind him we see that he has ambitions to go after Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost and an assortment of perceived enemies.  ‘Threats against mutantkind, comrades who have lost their way’ as Magneto describes them.  The X-Mens oldest enemy has now become their mentor and guiding force.

FullSizeRender 2 copy.jpg

To be continued…

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


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