X-Men Gold #1 Plot Synopsis w/ Pics

X-Men Gold #1 Plot Synopsis w/ Pics

X-Men Gold  #1 opens with a close up of a TV talking head sharing her opinion on why the world fears mutants.  She begins by comparing them to other super powered individuals before delving in to why the X-genome is a ticking time bomb and closing on her defense for why she is not bigoted or prejudiced because racial prejudice is typically based on aesthetic distinctions such as skin color.

X-Men Gold #1 Plot 10

A turn of the page leads directly to a splash page revealing our new flagship X-Roster composed of Kitty Pryde, Old Man Logan, Nightcrawler, Prestige (Rachel Grey) Colossus and Storm.  Kittys rallying cry is a throw back to Xavier as she simply states ‘To me my X-men…’ to which Logan responds by teasing that she had always wanted to say that.

X-Men Gold #1 Plot 3

We quickly see that the team is coming head to head with Terrax, a powerful villain who controls the very ground they are all standing on.  While Storm and Prestige take the fight to Terrax the rest of the team are tasked with attempting to keep a tall building from collapsing.  Colossus anchors himself at the base of the building while Kitty, Logan and Nightcrawler teleport to the roof.

Meanwhile Storm has Terrax caught up in a tornado reaching high in to the sky where Logan is about to join the fight by leaping off the top of the building in to the midst of the fight.  Kitty and Nightcrawler are left on the roof where she shares her plan for preventing mass destruction caused by the collapsing building.  Kitty is going to phase the entire building allowing it to safely pass through the structures below it.

As the fight with Terrax continues Logan and Prestige land the final blows knocking him out cold just as the building he caused to collapse starts it’s descent.  In a miraculous show of power Kitty successfully phases the entire building preventing the destruction of many other surrounding buildings and saving countess lives.

X-Men Gold #1 Plot 8

Storm is the first to comment that if the Avengers or Champions had been there to save the day that the public would be cheering them on, however when Kitty approaches a crowd to offer any assistance they are quick to dismiss her.  This inherit prejudice is portrayed in a mother thoughtlessly telling her daughter ‘Don’t talk to it dear’ when the girl innocently told kitty that they were not hurt.

X-Men Gold #1 Plot 4

Kitty tries her best to win over the public with an inspirational speech but whatever impact it may have had goes untold as the story abruptly moves on to that classic X-men tradition of a softball game in the park.  In this case Central Park as the entire mansion and its inhabitants have been teleported in to the middle of NYC’s most famous patch of trees.

X-Men Gold #1 Plot 9

During the game an official from the mayors office approaches Kitty and Logan where we learn that Kitty had signed a massive amount of paperwork with the mayor in order to allow the X-men to stay in Central Park.  What Kitty didn’t realize is that an enormous bill for leasing that land out was about to arrive in the amount of 18 million dollars.

X-Men Gold #1 Plot 2

Bringing things full circle we find Storm and Nightcrawler later that evening in a dark living area of the mansion watching that same TV talking head that the story opened on.  ‘The more things change the move they stay the same…’ is the motto of this issue as Nightcrawler makes the proclamation to Storm over what he hears on the television.

Across the mansion in the Danger Room, Prestige is helping Rockslide and Hisako train and during conversation afterwards she reveals a little bit about why she has chosen a new codename in order to move forward from the past.  Rounding out the group Kitty is found alone in her office wondering if she has made the right decision in coming back to earth as she sorts through paperwork on her desk.

X-Men Gold #1 Plot 6

Her solitude is quickly broken as Colossus joins her with an invite to munch out on some Chicago style pizza.  She quickly turns him down and explains that she has moved on from their relationship and would not want to give him the wrong impression by accepting his invite. The awkward moment is  however interrupted as the word is shared that 5 people are attacking the United Nations.

X-Men Gold #1 Plot 7

The Blackbird is seen soaring through the Manhattan skyline and quickly appearing at the UN.  The X-men de-board to assess their situation and Logan is the first to ask ‘Who are these jokers?’ as they are introduced to the self proclaimed ‘Brotherhood of Evil Mutants’.  Before the issue closes out we get a familiar ‘Snikt’ Snikt’ and a promise that the story will be continued.

X-Men Gold #1 Plot 1


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