Galaxy of Horrors (2017) Review and Clips

Galaxy of Horrors (2017) Review and Clips

Galaxy of Horrors (2017)

Galaxy of Horrors (2017) [800 x 1200]1h 45min | Horror, Sci-Fi

Galaxy of Horrors is a horror/sci-fi anthology of short stories.  The premise surrounds a guy who was woken up within his life support system on a space shuttle before he reached his destination.  The artificial intelligence on board subjects him to the 8 short stories that make up this movie for no real apparent reason other than to waste the power away slowly but surely plummeting this guys chance of survival.

Based on the poster and trailer this movie looked absolutely absurd and after watching it in its entirety it sure does live up to that promise.  Galaxy of Horrors is ridiculous and at times completely stupid, yet it somehow manages to feel like a really shitty Black Mirror episode which is actually one of its saving graces.  The movie is definitely not a ‘thinker’ but it does manage to throw in some insight in to consciousness, politics and human obsession with accomplishments.

As I mentioned above, there are 8 short stories involved in Galaxy of Horrors, the first is titled Eden and takes place in a zombie like post apocalyptic world.  The air is toxic and a group of scientists and politicians are holed up in a bunker.  The story quickly escalates as some of the infected humans attempt to escape and get revenge on the elites that have held them captive.

The second story is called Iris and follows a guy burying a dead body in the woods.  The twist is that his digital assistant (think Siri) seems to be very conscious of the actions her owner is taking.  The tale delves in to the idea of who is in charge in the relationship between humans and the technology we rely on day in and day out.

Flesh Computer and Pathos were the third and forth segments.  Flesh Computer felt like a very 80’s type of story as it involved an old school PC rig with what appears to be human flesh growing inside of it.  As opposed to a humanoid like robot, this was an actual computer growing human flesh.  Pathos reminded me of the second episode of Black Mirror.  It revolved around one person contained in a very simple room that has just a TV screen and keyboard within it. The story is about the search for a credit card to continue to pay for the ability to hear, see and feel.

So far each one of these tales had been visually appealing and I appreciate the attempts made at creating a somewhat intellectual backdrop, but they definitely fall just short of their mark.

The next three segments Eveless, They Will All Die in Space and Entity all manage the same level of entertainment.  They seem to be somewhat rushed and incoherent at times and there is absolutely nothing tying them together to any sort of larger story or moral.  They Will All Die In Space has the distinct honor of being the first cannibals in space story I have ever seen and Entity was a visually stunning short film with a twisted depiction of a worm hole in space.

The last of the package was titled Kings, and to a certain degree I got the feeling that someone made Kings and then tried to find a way to package it as a full length movie by adding 7 other short stories to it and calling it an anthology.  Kings was confusing and pointless, similarly to other segments in the movie it felt like we were missing a part of the story.  Short films are meant to be an entire story in a small package however most of these segments felt more like a sales pitch for future full length movies.

Galaxy of Horrors is a fun watch, it has some really cool visual effects and even a few moments that are disturbing and memorable, but for the most part it is forgettable and incoherent.  It was not a bad movie, but it certainly wasn’t anything special either.

Galaxy of Horrors Screen Shots 8


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