Capture Kill Release (2016) Review & Clips

Capture Kill Release (2016) Review & Clips

Capture Kill Release (2016)


1h 36min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

Capture Kill Release is a snuff film depicting a couple who plots to murder a random person and dispose of the body without getting caught.  The flick follows the entire ordeal from their trip to Home Depot for murder supplies to a random afternoon conversation about what types of people are off limits (handicapped, old people and children amongst others).  We quickly learn that Jennifer is the mastermind leading this duo, as her boyfriend Farhang plays the more apprehensive killer.

Throughout much of this movie I was hit with the sensation that I should not be seeing these events.  The movie is not highly stylized, it is ‘found footage’ that Jennifer is filming for a ‘documentary’.  As we learn more about her motivation it is apparent that she wants to capture every last gory detail of the murder.  She proudly proclaims her desire to feel the last breath be released from the victims body and how she wants her victim to know what is about to happen to them.

Farhang goes along with the plan but it is abundantly clear that he has not put nearly as much thought or effort in to it as his girlfriend.  On the opposite end Jennifer cannot contain her pursuits as it seemingly overwhelms her every thought and action.  She cannot even sleep through the night without waking up worrying if the bathtub is large enough to fit a dead body.  Every moment is consumed by the desire to get away with murder.

Until finally one random afternoon, Jennifer began the selection process by herself when she met a homeless guy on the streets and in the process got in to an arguments with a businessman she bumped in to on the sidewalk.  She instinctively followed the businessman home and started to rationalize to herself why this guy deserves to be murdered.  Jennifer’s narration throughout the film is a real case study in to the mind of a cold blooded killer.

She explains her every thought and emotion in regard to planning and executing a murder in a very ‘matter of fact’ way and shows no concern about getting caught at all.  She controls Farhang in a subtle way that lets her get away with making him clean up after her mess throughout the movie.  Her urges get the best of her one night as she abruptly brings a cat home and drowns him in the kitchen sink without any remorse whats so ever.

Jennifer pets the cat it and coos at it like any other person would as she calmly directs Farhang to fill the sink with water and grab a garbage bag.  She holds the cat under water until it stops struggling and then callously requests that Farhang clean up after her while she gets some sleep.  The next morning Farhang appears unaffected by the events of the night before, but the cracks in their plan start to show as he is not nearly as ready to take the life of a cat as Jennifer shows herself to be.

The movie descends in to an incredibly gory and detailed documentation of what it takes to murder someone, cut their body in to tiny parts, store them in a freezer and later bring them out in to the woods to bury them.  I have not covered my eyes and felt that close to vomiting while watching a  movie in a very long time, but watching Jennifer and Farhangs victim get bled out and cut in to pieces in their bathtub was beyond me.  There are moments in this movie that will be with you for a very long time if you decide to watch it.

The last 15 minutes really show the mind of madness as Jennifer sits around the kitchen table reenacting the night of the murder by herself.  Capture Kill Release ends on a dark note with absolutely no remorse and not a hint of comedy or redemption.  The entire movie is well acted, filmed and edited, there is no sense that the filmmakers are trying to get one over on us at any point with some sort or twist, it is straight forward and brutally honest.

Capture Kill Release Logo

I don’t think anyone in their right mind should watch Capture Kill Release, it is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen…

Nick McAnulty



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