Don’t Kill It (2016) Review & Clips

Don’t Kill It (2016) Review & Clips

Don't Kill It (2016) Logo.png1h 33min | FantasyHorror | 3 March 2017 (USA)

‘Don’t Kill It’ is a story in the life of a demon hunter that goes by Jebediah Woodley (Dolph Lundgren). The movie takes place in a remote Mississippi town where an entity has been unleashed that transfers immediately to the person who kills it. So as the demon goes on its rampage, every time someone plays hero that person is possessed and continues the slaughter.

The movie begins with a man hunting alone with his dog in the woods where the dog discovers a vessel that had been holding the demon. The canine is initially possessed and forced to attack his owner. The hunter reluctantly shoots his own dog to save his life, not knowing what he would then be bringing back with him.

Once home the man wastes no time in murdering his family in an entirely graphic and gruesome manner before running to his neighbors house and maiming a woman by sticking her face in boiling water. The womans husband comes out and shoots his neighbor to save his wife, but then himself is possessed by the demon and shoots his wife in the face with a shotgun before turning it on his young daughter.

The murder of the child is not depicted, as the title of the movie appears on screen and we are next introduced to Lundgrens character Jebediah who is having a drink in a shady bar. Jebediah teaches a local drunk a lesson when the guy doesn’t know how take no for an answer and ends up back at home with the woman he protected. The next morning he finds out he has been phished in by a hooker and begrudgingly pays her $100 for her services.

Lundgren plays this character perfectly. He has some really good one liners and plays a confident and cocky demon hunter while still somehow seeming to have an underlying humbleness and penchant for what seems like it might be sincere selflessness throughout the film. After his evening with one of the locals Jebediahs heads to the sheriffs station to get down to business.

At the station he meets with the small town cops as well as an FBI agent sent in to investigate the three separate triple homicides that had occurred in one week. Jebediah tries to explain that these homicides were all caused by a demon and of course is arrested for barging in to the sheriffs office spewing craziness.

This is where the story starts to take its shape showing us the characters and giving us an explanation for what is about to take place. This demon is going to rampage through the town and the only way to stop it is to have someone sacrifice themselves by drinking poison and then killing the currently possessed person.

The sole survivor of the demons initial assault explains the incident in all its gory details to the FBI agent. Parts of the survivors story start to line up with Jebediahs version of the demon he is hunting and in no time he is released and allowed to contribute to the investigation.

There are quite a few plot details I will leave out in order to allow the movie to have some surprises in it, because I do very much recommend watching it. ‘Don’t Kill It’ has some insane kill scenes in it and an exciting premise that differentiates it from most possession and demon hunter movies. As the demon jumps from each subsequent victim it uses everything from guns to trucks, chainsaws to grenades in order to take out every single person within its reach.

The town hall scene in particular is impressive as they did not spare any chance at all to murder as many people as they could in what is a relatively short scene. Throughout the movie there is a feeling that they were not holding back anything and really went for whatever crazy thing that came to mind, yet somehow it all works and does not feel contrived or lazy.

The story touches upon a mythology that could be really fun to watch unfold if any sequels are ever produced. No one was off limits to this demon. Children, a pastor, police officers, old ladies and animals were all possessed and subsequently murdered. The ending is satisfying and a sequel was hinted at when the demons spirit was trapped in a flask and dropped in to the ocean only to be swallowed up by a great white shark.

tl;dr: ‘Don’t Kill It’ is a distinctly unique take on demons and possession. It is incredibly fun to watch and does not hold back anything at all when it comes to body count. Watch this movie, you will not regret it.


Dolph Lundgren,  Kristina Klebe,  Elissa Dowling

Directed by
Mike Mendez

Writen by
Dan Berk,  Robert Olsen

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