The Snare (2017) Review & Clips

The Snare (2017) Review & Clips

The Snare (2017)the-snare-2017-1000-x-1500

Three friends head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force.

If you decide to check this flick out DO NOT be eating as the movie begins, I am warning you now.

The Characters

The Atmosphere

It takes patience to get through this movie, it does not have a lot of pay off, however there are certain scenes that really hit the spot and will most likely be rattling in the back of your head for days.

Descent into Madness

Not everything in the movie works. Most of the action beats are handled with handheld photography. The “shaky cam” approach is not adequately reinvented, so it feels tired and obvious. It’s a shame. Cooper goes out of his way to challenge the viewer ninety-percent of the time, only to cop out during the visceral moments. Say what you will about Rob Zombie. At least he knows how to properly induce a seizure.


Is it all in Alice’s head? Is there some supernatural force keeping the trio here? Who the hell cares? Not Cooper, that’s for sure. There are no answers here. The Snare is a largely inept, often puerile slog and an exercise in boredom endurance that offers nothing to the viewer beyond a lasting feeling of annoyance when the credits, mercifully, roll.


However my final impression was that ‘The Snare’ was a slow boil that simmers to not just an adequate but a more than satisfying conclusion.  It was worth having on in the background on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

tl;dr:  Meh, not terrible, worth watching for a handful of scenes alone.  It isn’t a huge pay off but the ending is pretty good and worth the wait.

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C.A. Cooper

C.A. Cooper

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