Fan Reaction to Hugh Jackman In Another New Logan Photo

Fan hype for the new Wolverine film is at an all time high.  Logan is looking to set the bar for gritty Marvel movies for some time to come and this morning the studios added to the anticipation with a new image of Hugh Jackman looking disheveled as hell.

Logan Pic.jpg

r/Marvel was again the host for the most robust conversation about the new reveal.  The top comment alluded to the storyline in the Old Man Logan mini series.

[–]jpguitfiddler 35 points 12 hours ago

I wish there were redneck hulks though..


[–]pimpmymustache 2 points 10 hours ago

It’s gonna be interesting how they adapt the story.

[–]WaynesWorldReference 26 points 10 hours ago

I really doubt there is going to be much adapted other than: he is old, his healing factor ain’t what it used to be, he swore off violence, and something pisses him off that causes a him to snap.

We’ll leave it at that for tonight.  The rest of the comments can be seen here.

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