Comic Books fans discuss Alex Ross Painting

Comic Books fans discuss Alex Ross Painting

This is the second installment in my ongoing series featuring top comments for my most popular Reddit submission of the day.

This morning I was fortunate enough to be able to share an incredible painting by Alex Ross depicting Marvels Avengers and Invaders with the r/Marvel community.

Alex Ross.jpg

The image got over 100 comments. One of the earlier comments was a helpful user informing us all where the art was originally published.

[–]Emersonson 54 points 12 hours ago

This is the artwork on the cover of the Avengers/Invaders collection from a few years back. It’s a great story, set in the period between Civil War and Dark Reign. It’s the story that brought Toro back to life and kinda set up the return of the Invaders characters to prominance in the present day MU.

About an hour later a few commenters discussed the Human Torch and his roots as an Invader before eventually becoming a staple of the Fantastic Four.

[–]bike_rack 19 points 11 hours ago

I love Ross’ Human Torch design, there’s just something about it that looks vintage and cool.

[–]ThePAC_podcast 22 points 10 hours ago*

Vintage Torch wasn’t Johnny from Fantastic 4, but an android who fought alongside the invaders!

[–]bike_rack 7 points 10 hours ago

Did not know that, thanks man!

[–]Fenrox 6 points 6 hours ago

Jim Hammond is his name, the other fire guy is Toro his boy sidekick. Jim Hammond went on to kinda become the Vision, but that turned out to be bogus and his android body was chillin somewhere, then he got turned back on again and is now a normal android fire-man again.

Fun fact! He killed Hitler! In the marvel universe Hitler was killed by the human torch (jim hammond) instead of killing himself.

Of course some of the comments were on the sillier side, but still provoked thoughtful conversation.

[–]imakefilms 41 points 12 hours ago

Spidey forgot his shoes.

[–]hankbaumbach 77 points 12 hours ago

Honestly it makes so much more sense that he does not wear shoes but rather some kind of one-sy like fabric so his feet can stick to walls.

[–]samx3i33 points11 hours ago

That’s probably canon, but most artists aren’t going to spend the time to make it look like he’s barefoot under the fabric.

Eventually someone also shared a link to the original comic book cover as well as the OG cover it was inspired by.

[–]samx3i11 points11 hours ago*

In case anyone is interested, here it is alongside the What If? classic it homages.

 Title: What if...?         Title: Avengers-Invaders 
 Issue: #4                  Issue: 12
 Publisher: Marvel Comics   Publisher: Marvel Comics
 Cover date: 1977           Cover date: 2009
 Artist: Gil Kane           Artist: Alex Ross

In fact, all the covers were homage covers. Check out this one.

 Title: The Invaders v1     Title: Avengers-Invaders 
 Issue: #5                  Issue: 9
 Publisher: Marvel Comics   Publisher: Marvel Comics
 Cover date: 1977           Cover date: 2009

Of course there are a lot of folks who may have questions about who some of these more obscure characters are and there will always be the super fans who can name them all.

[–]KessKielce3 points9 hours ago

Who is the red wing guy in the top right corner?

[–]basiamille2 points6 hours ago

[–]Blandwiches1 point2 hours ago

It is Red Raven. He sometimes had bat-like wings.

[–]mrblaque1967[score hidden]35 minutes ago

Red Raven was in the Liberty Legion. Not the Invaders.


[–]come_on_seth2 points10 hours ago

Who are the different guys in green in the background??

[–]Primpod[score hidden]46 minutes ago

Strechy guy in the top leftish is The Thin Man, Guy in the top right with the white head is the original Vision. Not sure about the guy in the yellow and green who looks a bit like golden age sentry.

I’d like to close with a statement that sums it all up:

[–]TheCheshireCody 2 points 10 hours ago

I love that someone with as much talent as Alex Ross loves painting superheroes. How far the genre has come.

Check out the entire discussion here.


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