The Windmill Massacre (2016) Review & Clips

The Windmill Massacre (2016) Review & Clips

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Unsuspecting tourists awaken a mysterious evil in the Dutch countryside after their tour bus breaks down, stranding them at an abandoned barn beside a sinister windmill where a miller used to grind the bones of locals.

Opening Shot

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Director Nick Jongerius brings enough excitement to keep this film fun and hugely watchable. It’s incredibly brutal and blood-soaked and it brings the scares and tension in abundance; the pace never once lets up and it’s a roller-coaster ride from start to finish. If you’re a fan of horror films and slasher thrillers, this is sure to entertain.hollywood-news-logo

Movie Posters

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There’s a lot to like about The Windmill Massacre, but it didn’t quite pull together for me. It’s more satisfying in hindsight than it was actually watching it, but that’s something I think a second watch may settle. But, until then, I recommend Jongerius’ film, just don’t go in expecting it to play by the rules.


Nick Jongerius

Nick Jongerius (story),  Chris W. Mitchell  | 1 more credit »

Noah Taylor,  Charlotte Beaumont,  Patrick Baladi  | See full cast & crew »

Closing Shot

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