The Devil’s Dolls (2016) Review & Clips

The Devil’s Dolls (2016) Review & Clips

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A serial killer’s curse unleashes a season of slaughter in the backwoods of Mississippi. According to an ancient Guatemalan tradition, parents teach their children to allay their troubles by telling them to handmade ‘worry dolls’ just before bedtime. But when several of these talismans — which once belonged to a notorious mass murderer — find their way into the hands of unsuspecting residents of a small Southern town, it sets off a grisly wave of bloodshed. The latest from Rites of Spring director Padraig Reynolds is a voodoo-slasher shocker bursting with scarily inventive kills.

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This film is such a great calling card for the director and with a tightly paced script from Danny Kolker and the film’s star, Christopher Wiehl, viewers are offered something quite original and shocking. You won’t find anything like this one anytime soon, a southern Gothic masterpiece of horror and terror, a character-driven horror thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end.Fangoria-logo.png3_skull

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The Devil’s Dolls is a creepy and atmospheric film, slowly crafting a tale of evil spirits woven from the threads of Guatemalan folklore. Often bloody, the film manages an oppressively grim aura throughout, with its unique premise, that takes us to a seldom explored mythology, set to the backdrop of the American South.

– We Are Indie Horror

Padraig Reynolds

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