Character Spotlight: Hope Summers

Character Spotlight: Hope Summers

Hope Summers.png

Hope Summers

from ComicVine:
The first mutant born after M-Day, Hope Summers is believed to either be the mutant messiah or the harbinger of death for humanity. She is an Omega-level power mimic, and possesses a connection to the Phoenix Force.

from Wikipedia:
Hope Summers is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The superheroine first appeared in X-Men #205 in 2007 (Chapter five of the “X-Men: Messiah Complex” storyline).

First Appearance: X-Men #205
(November 2007)

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from Marvel.Wikia:
Hope was the first new mutant born since the M-Day. The moment she was born, Cerebra blew up. Soon after her birthplace in CooperstownAlaska was
attacked by the Purifiers, who had used information given from the time-traveling Sentinel Nimrod warning them of her arrival. Although everyone else in town was murdered by the Purifiers, Cable managed to save her. According to him, the baby was the messiah supposed to save both mutants and humankind. However, according to the Purifiers and Bishop, she would become an evil antichrist and kill a million humans within six minutes, turning humanity against mutants once again, thus leading into a new era of mutant persecution, the very timeline in which Bishop was born.

The baby was later kidnapped from Cable by the Marauders and delivered to Mister Sinister who was actually Mystique in disguise. She took the baby and made her touch the comatose RogueGambit quickly took her away from Mystique, believing that she just killed her but he was amazed to see that the baby was alright and that it even cured Rogue of the Strain 88 virus. After a huge battle between the Marauders, X-Men, and Predator XCyclopsdecided that the baby would be better off with Cable, and allowed his son to take her to the future. However, an adamant Bishop decided to track Cable and the baby in order to finally kill her and prevent his future from happening.




Fan Art

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