NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini) SOLD OUT!

NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini) SOLD OUT!

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The NES Classic Edition came out this morning, or last night depending on how you look at it.  At around midnight I started refreshing and to try and get one before the masses woke up.  I was able to add the device to my cart a few times but by the time I got through filling out fields they were sold out.

Throughout the night Target and GameStop continued to have stock but their sites were nearly inaccessible to a normal human being to purchase an NES.  There were so many people attempting at once, and bots deigned to be faster than humans, that it was a fools errand constantly refreshing the page and trying to get through the checkout before it sold out again.

After about 3 hours I finally gave up on my fools errand and went to sleep at 3am.  I slept very lightly occasionally grabbing my iPad to try to buy it again and finally seeing that the local inventory for Target had been updated indicating all of the stores in my area had them available.  I planned on being at the first one that opens at 7am and if need be getting to the second one which opened an hour later.

Ends up it needed to be.  I was number 12 on line at the first Target.

Oh wait, let me take a step back.  There was a freaking line in front of Target at 6:43am!
11 people got there before me and another 20-30 would show up after me.  That does not include the people who drove up and decided to move on and those who walked up and were told there were only 10 available.

Although I was straight up told by the manager that I would not be able to get one because I was too far back in line I strayed around anyway to make sure no credit cards were declined leaving one available.  This was a risky move as every moment meant more people waiting in line at Best Buy, GameStop and the other Target.

After watching the first 10 ‘NES Minis’ go out the door and knowing I was minutes too late I was certainly annoyed, but it was 7:10am and I started towards the next Target about 5 miles north.  When I got there I was greeted by 9 people in front of me with the assumption that they would also have 10.

Ends up they had 11…

It was an experience.  I could not believe that so many people were waiting in line so early in the morning for an ‘NES Mini’.  I could not believe the cultural nerve this thing has hit that made men and women of all ages and ethnicities get out of bed and head out to their local big box retailer.  People slowly creeping their cars by, rolling the window down just to be told there were only 10 available.  It felt like something special.

I am proud to have an ‘NES Mini’ on day one.  I am excited to have been part of the launch day hype that I am pretty sure no one expected to occur.  I hope that the inventory matches demand very soon and that we can all be enjoying our systems and lastly I have a video documenting the journey and eventual unboxing of the NES Classic Edition.
Hope you all enjoy.


One thought on “NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini) SOLD OUT!

  1. I’m almost thinking about running around to a few stores today just to see if by some miracle I might find one. I’m not entirely sure I want to buy one, I mean I have a fully functional original NES, and I have a USB NES controller for my PC as well (in addition to a library of virtual console games between my 3DS and Wii U). Yet the popularity of this thing is almost making me want it for that alone…I need help! lol.


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