Vehicles used by the Rebel Alliance

Vehicles used by the Rebel Alliance


The Rebel Alliance stood bravely against the evil of the Galactic Empire, never backing down despite overwhelming odds. Formed from resistance movements that arose during the Clone Wars, the Rebellion worked in secret for decades to overthrow the Emperor and restore democracy to the galaxy. Eventually, armed with the firepower of ships like the X-wing and A-wing, and the leadership of figures including Princess Leia and Admiral Ackbar, the Rebel Alliance triumphed over the Empire at the Battle of Endor.

So how were these ships acquired? A couple examples would be the X-wing, prototypes of which were brought to the Rebellion when its design team defected. The A-wing, on the other hand, was designed by General Jan Dodonna for the Alliance and assembled in small, hidden facilities by Alliance techs. Small arms and equipment could be battlefield salvage, black market items, or straight up stolen from the Empire. A lot of the Rebel capital ships were converted civilian vessels – Mon Calamari cruisers started life as luxury liners. And again, some Rebel warships were originally Imperial and brought over either by being captured or their crews defecting. In addition, the Rebellion was formed very shortly after the Clone Wars, so there would very likely have been a glut of military hardware of all kinds in the legitimate and illegitimate salvage markets.

Here are some of the different vehicles used during the fight against the Galactic Empire.


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