Scott Neilson Concepts

Scott Neilson Concepts

Scott Neilson has a passion for graphic design and illustration.


He creates art based around geeky pop culture and any mash up mix up he can think of.  He also produces illustration branding and logo design works.

If you frequent Reddit or Etsy there is a good chance you may have seen some of Scotts art already.  His superhero mash ups with Michael Jordan and Norman Rockwell have been upvoted 1000+ times and his latest creation the ‘DEMOGORGON Enamel Pin’ finally gives us all a chance to buy merchandise based on this summer Netflix obsession, Stranger Things.

To Scott illustration has always been a way of expressing what he loves in a hopefully funny and well executed manner. He has been doing packaging design work in London for the past 5 years, as well as working as a professional apparel illustrator.

When I found Scott Neilsons art through Reddit I was so impressed I reached out to him to ask if he would take part in an interview for Geeks Broadcast and he very kindly agreed, so without further delay.

robotsGeeks Broadcast: I absolutely love the ‘Triple Portrait’ painting by Norman Rockwell mash ups.  I grew up with a grandmother who had Normal Rockwell statues and painting all over her house. What is it that drew you to Norman Rockwell as an inspiration?

Scott Neilson: I love Norman Rockwells’ artwork and the way he paints hands is beautiful. I see him as the all American artist and he captures the real feeling of Americana with his style. So the Triple Self Portrait was a great reference to use with a famous American Comic book villain. I always try to tie in a clever pun with the piece as well and the name helped it a lot ‘The Triple Prankster’. Also its a composition that allowed me to reverence lots of Joker story arcs and quotes in one image to make the image tell a little story. I hope that made sense!

GB: I first ran in to your art on Reddit, so when I think of Scott Neilson Concepts or (u/Neilss1 as it may be) the first thing that comes to mind is the Michael Jordan/Spider-Man mashup or the Batman/Rockwell mashup.  With many artists their most popular art isn’t always their personal favorite.  If you could choose, what piece of art that you’ve created would be the first to come to someones mind when they think of you?

Scott: For me its my Tis But A Scratch Black Knight DJ illustration. It was drawn on my first Wacom at a desk during my University Degree show when I was supposed to be talking to people from oil firms that I didn’t wanna work for. It also went viral without me knowing what Reddit or Imgur was. In fact an ex sent me a message out the blue one day saying ‘Your pic is on the front page of Reddit’ So after that I realized I could be a t shirt designer and I had worked out some sort of formula that people really seemed to like.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 9.46.54 PM.png

GB: My favorite characters of all time are Spider-Man and Venom, so I was immediately drawn to your depictions of them.   Living in London are Marvel and DC characters looked at as foreign properties or are they just as accepted in British culture as Dr. Who and Monty Python?

Scott: I think that really depends on who you ask. A lot of my friends really like Marvel and DC comics and obviously they are way more popular nowadays. I wouldn’t say they are as popular as Python or Dr Who but they do still have a  as or MORE dedicated fan base. You just need to know which comic book stores to poke your head into to find webheads and gothamites! I will say though as a divide of who I’ve seen like my work it’s probably 80% Americans and 20% British I’d say, in sales terms at least.

GB: You have a terrific Etsy and Neato Shop. Personally I do not judge success purely on financial grounds, sometimes getting your name and work out there is just as important, so with that said, how successful have these online stores been for you in your estimation?

Scott: They have been really good I have found Etsy to be a great market place for me to sell on. To be honest I didn’t expect it because I don’t have a massive social reach but I’ve managed to sell out of my first pin and am on the way to sell out of the DEMOGORGON one too. Neatoshop is fantastic too, Alex Santoso who runs the show really cares about artists and the print quality on their shirts can’t be beat!

GB: Tell us a little about the process of designing and creating the ‘DEMOGORGON Enamel Pin’.

Scott: That came from LOVING stranger things and them getting back to basics on a classic antagonistic monster chasing you down! I just loved it. I wanted to create a pin that looked like a flower, something nice but on second inspection you realize it is the horrific demogorgon from the upside down. That’s why i used the glitter red I really wanted to convey that slimy mouth of his but also not make it look totally gross so people would wear it.


GB: Are there any specific companies or people you aspire to do design work for?

Scott: Pretty obvious but I would love to make official merchandise for DC’s Batman, you can see I’m a fan of Batman from my work! Some other companies would be Johnny Cupcakes Santa Cruz Electric Zombie to name a few! I also love working with musicians on covers and merchandise they let me do awesome work for them.

GB: Tell us a little about what you are working on right now?

Scott: I’m actually taking a little backseat at the moment to sketch more and improve my own skill set. A bit of a re spawn if you will. I have lots of ideas in the pipeline and one of them involves DAFT PUNK which I think people who like my etsy store are really gonna love!

GB: Lastly, what are you geeking out over right now?  Personally I am enamored with Luke Cage right now.  It looks like you were geeking out over Stranger Things not too long ago, what is it that you are totally excited about right now?

Scott: I have to admit I am not totally over STRANGER THINGS just yet! I have a few Luke Cage ideas in the pipe line I just need to find time in my freelancing schedule and reading Batman comics to make them happen!









You can also download Scotts CV below to find out more about his experience:


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